Adding tags to contacts

Create new tags and add them to your contacts to use with broadcasts and triggers.

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Use the Bulk Actions option to tag contacts

From your dashboard, go to your contact list, click on the Bulk Actions button, and select to apply tags. You can choose an existing tag or create a new one that will be applied to the selected group of contacts or all your contacts.

Adding tags to contacts during a contact list import

While you are importing your CSV contact list, you can also add a tag to your CSV which will apply the tag to contacts. Use the Import/Upload Contacts guide to up; load your contacts with tags.

Adding tags when creating contact

You can also add a tag to a contact when you are creating it from scratch.

Managing Tags

If you need to add, edit, or remove tags entirely from the contacts in bulk, you can go to your Tags settings. You can also review a list of exactly which contacts have which tag by clicking on the tag.

All tags are represented in a sortable and searchable grid which allows you to organize and easily access the tags in a table format. The grid allows you to sort the tags by a tag name column or by a number of tagged contacts. To search the tags use a search bar on the top right of your tags page.

Searching for contacts via associated Tags

Search for all contacts associated with a specific Salesmsg Tag by typing that Tag into the Contacts Page Search Bar or using the contacts page filter.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I save segments of contacts by tag?

Yes, using your contacts page filter select the tag that you want to see all the contacts who have that tag. Then select "save segment"

What happens if I delete a tag?

It will automatically be removed from all the contacts who had it applied to them.

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