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How to Reset Your Password

If you forgot your password and can't log in to your account, reset your password using this link https://app.salesmessage.com/auth/forgot

Check your email!

Your password reset email will come from [email protected]

The link provided in the email will take you to a Salesmsg page where you will be prompted to set a new password.

Frequently Asked Questions

When I use the link in the email, it takes me back to my account but I can't change the password.

If you're logged into Salesmsg when you click that password reset link, it will automatically take you back to your account. Log completely out of Salesmsg and try again.

I've waited a generous amount of time, and I've not received a password reset email.

Try again and be sure to verify the email you're entering is indeed the one associated with your account. Be careful to watch out for any typos. Change your email filter from "inbox" to "all mail" and search for "[email protected]."

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Contact us on live chat or send an email to us at [email protected].

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