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Easily import contacts from a .CSV file! Salesmsg makes importing contacts off a list simple, should we skip any contacts we'll tell you exactly why so you can groom your contact list and get to texting.

Step 1: Select Import Contacts from the Contacts Page

Navigate to the Contacts section to locate the Import Contacts option.

NOTE: If you do not see this option, please reach out to our support team via chat and request to have imports available.

Step 2: Upload Your .CSV File

If you are unfamiliar with a .CSV type file, there are instructions below.

How to Import Contacts via CSV

Step 1: Preparing Your CSV file

The .CSV has additional optional columns, but the phone number is the only required field. If you have blank columns, you can remove them from the template.

Our system only accepts a .CSV file. Other file types will not be accepted.



Phone *required

(561) 778-7788

First Name


Last Name




tag1, tag2, tag3

Custom Fields











Anything goes here


Must start with https://

Step 2: Map Your Fields

After you import your contacts, you will need to map the contact fields phone number, first name, last name, and email address to Salesmsg.

If you used our Phonecheckr tool you can also map additional fields to import this information. It works for importing new and updating existing contacts.

Step 3: Apply Tags

On the 3rd step, you can choose to apply tags to your import. Tags are used to segment your contacts to then send a Broadcast message. We highly recommend applying a tag to these imported contacts.

Step 4: Review Results

Should any contacts report as skipped or duplicate click on the number in the column to review why.

Selecting "Duplicate":


Selecting "Skipped":

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I have some contacts already in Salesmsg on the sheet I want to import with mostly new contacts?

No worries, we show you the duplicates and give you the option to merge or keep separate records.

What if my import isn't uploading?

There are a few troubleshooting things to walk through before reaching out to Support:

  1. Double-check that your import is a CSV file (UTC-8 CSV file). Other files will fail to be recognized.

  2. Be sure there is no empty space at the top between the header and the contact information.

  3. The sheet isn't overly complicated; Lots of merged cells and formatting will be impossible for our system to read.

How many contacts can I import to Salesmsg?

You can import up to 10,000 contacts at a time. If you have more contacts, we recommend breaking them up into 10,000 contact groups for a smoother import.Β 

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