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Contact Ownership in Salesmsg
Contact Ownership in Salesmsg

Discover How to Update Contact Ownership in Salesmsg

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You now have the ability to view and change the contact owner to any Salesmsg user. This can be done in two locations:

  1. Contact Details Section on the Conversations Page

  2. Contacts Page

Locate the "Owner" field in contact details and click it to see a list of users you can reassign contact ownership to.

Important Note on Contact Ownership

Changing the contact owner will only impact the user if Teams and contact access permissions are configured correctly. To learn more about setting up Teams and contact permissions, please refer to this guide: Salesmsg Teams.

Default Contact Ownership

The user who created the contact in Salesmsg is the initial owner.

If contacts are imported from HubSpot, they will be imported with the appropriate contact owner.

HubSpot Integration

Salesmsg will automatically update contact ownership based on the HubSpot contact owner. Users must be mapped between Salesmsg and HubSpot for contact owner updates to work properly.

Transferring Contact Access

If you transfer your access to a contact to another team, you cannot set it back unless a user from that team reassigns it back to you or other user in your team. You will still see any prior conversation you had with this contact.

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