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Organise Your Members into Teams toSImplify Access Management

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What Are Teams in Salesmsg?

Teams in Salesmsg allow you to group Users into specific teams, making it easier to manage contacts and permission sets within your organization.

Imagine your organization has multiple teams or locations all working within a single Salesmsg account. With Teams, you can set contact access to contacts owned by team members and group your Salesmsg users according to their locations. In this way, each location will see a set of contacts that are owned by the team members.

How to Use Teams in Salesmsg

To use Teams, follow these two steps:

1. Go to your settings and navigate to the Teams section. Create the required number of teams either by selecting Salesmsg members or by importing teams from Hubspot.

2. Stay in settings and go to the Members section. Review your Salesmsg Member permissions and set Contact access permission to "Contacts User's Team Owns" and save.

That's it! Now, members of a team will only see contacts owned by a member of that team.

Importing Teams from Hubspot

If you've already built out a teams structure within HubSpot, you can quickly import all of your HubSpot teams into Salesmsg. To do so, click on the arrow next to the "Create team" button and select "Import from Hubspot". Then, click "Import" in the modal window and wait for your teams to be listed in Salesmsg.

If you've already manually imported one or more HubSpot teams, we will skip them during the import process.

Important Notes:

  • If you're part of multiple teams, you share your contacts with all those teams.

  • If you have the "Contacts User's Team Owns" permission but aren't in a team, you'll only see your own contacts.

  • When using Hubspot to create teams, make sure to map all Hubspot users and Salesmsg users appropriately. Changes in your Hubspot team (like adding or removing users) will update in Salesmsg automatically every 24 hours.

  • There are manual options to sync both contact list and member list for every team mapped to a Hubspot team.


Using Teams in Salesmsg helps you organize and manage your members more efficiently, especially in large organizations. The integration with Hubspot ensures that your teams and contacts are always in sync, making team management even easier.

Frequently asked questions

Can my teams use a different pool of credits?
No, all teams share the same pool of credits
​Can my teams pay their own fees?

They can't, but if you're needing teams to all have their own payment methods consider a Salesmsg Franchise set up.

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