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The Contacts page is now a great management tool, check out what it can do!

Contacts Page

To navigate to the contacts page click on the following symbol:

Here are all the features of the page โคต๏ธ

Creating a contact

Click on the Create Contact button in your dashboard to quickly add a new contact to your portal.ย First, you will be able to use a real-time search to check if this contact already exists in your integrations and then create a new contact from scratch.

Viewing options

On the bottom left of the contacts page, you can choose to view up to 100 contacts at a time.

Filter Options

On the top left of the contacts page, you can choose various filters that can be applied to the page. You can filter your contacts by name, area codes, you can even filter contacts that were created in the last 2 days, and much more!
The filters can be stacked and the criteria can be saved, so you can always come back and see an updated list later.

All contacts are represented in a sortable and searchable grid which allows you to organize your contacts page in a table format. The grid allows you to sort the contacts by different columns, such as contact name column or by a number column. To search the contacts use a search bar on the top right of your contacts page.

Dynamic Segments

Saved Segments were previously "Snap-shots" of contacts that met your filter criteria at the time you saved it. Now, Salesmsg is checking all the time to see if contacts have disqualified or qualified for your segment criteria. Ensuring the contacts in your saved segment always meet that filter criteria.
โ€‹Note: In regards to sending Broadcasts, a filtered segment of contacts who are to be your broadcast audience will not update when a broadcast is in progress. When a Broadcast begins to send, its a "snap-shot" of contacts that meet the filter criteria at the time the Broadcast started.

โ€‹Column Customization

Customize your contacts page and see solely the information relevant to you. Name and Number are columns that can not be edited.


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Bulk Actions

Once you select your contacts with a checkmark, you can Apply and Remove Tags, you can also Delete contacts in bulk or individually. Under Contacts, use the Bulk Actions feature to use one of these actions. ย 

Contacts deleted from Salesmsg along with their message histories are restorable. If you accidentally delete a contact add them once more and find that the conversation record is still there.

Select Contacts in succession by holding SHIFT

Once you select your contacts with a checkmark, you can select multiple contacts in succession by clicking another contact in the list and holding SHIFT.

Initiate a message

Directly from the contacts page, one only needs to click the conversation bubble next to the phone number to tee up that conversation.


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Block a contact

Should the need arise for you to block a contact from calling or texting a Slaesmsg number you have the option. From the conversations page, navigate to the vertical ellipsis on the contact record. Once you've opened the menu, locate and select the "block" option. Review the confirmation prompt, and select "block".

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to export my contacts?
Yes, we do, when you select "export" your list will be emailed to you. If for any reason there is an issue receiving the email, you'll also be presented with a link for direct download.

How do I make sure I don't upload duplicate contacts?
Our import/upload feature is smart, so if you have duplicates on your list our system will catch it and not create a duplicate contact.ย 

If I update my contacts will that update the contact record in my integration?
This depends on your contact syncing preferences. Learn more in the Related Article "Two-way CRM syncing".

If I update my contacts in HubSpot will that update the contact record in Salesmsg?

If you adjust a contact's info in HubSpot, it will automatically be updated in your Salesmsg account.

How do I upload/import a list of contacts?
Follow this guide to import/upload contacts.ย 

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