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Filters & Segments

Learn how to filter contacts to create custom segments.

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One of the keys to the successful application of business messaging is effective customer segmentation.

There are many ways you can segment your customers depending on the nature of your business and the lifecycle stages your customers go through.

With Advanced Filtering, you have access to a multitude of ways you can rely on to segment your customers and improve your outreach.

Filter Attributes

There are multiple categories of attributes you can use to create granular filters.

Contact Fields

These include the standard contact attributes available for every contact on Salesmsg such as First Name, Phone Number...etc.

Custom Fields

Additional contact fields added by the user.


Attributes used to identify the approximate location and time zone of the contact.


Attributes that track changes to a contact such as Created Date, Updated Date or Tags as well as inbound & outbound communication with a contact such as Last Call, Last Message Sent, Last Message Received, Number of Received SMS, Opt-In Source and Status and Opted-out Timestamp.


Attributes used to identify the carrier details, e.g. Carrier Type, Carrier Name and Number Status.


This category is relevant for customers who relay one or more dedicated short-codes.


Segments that are saved groups of contacts with applied one or several filters.


Integration specific attributes.

Common Advanced Filtering Use Cases

1) Improving Deliverability Using Number Type

The Number Type attribute gives you the ability to filter out contacts that have a low likelihood of receiving your messages. These include Landline, VOIP and Undefined numbers.

By ensuring that you limit communication with those number types, you can increase the deliverability and open rates of your messages.

You can also rely on the Number Type filter in conjunction with PhoneCheckr (Salesmsg's number validation service) to validate numbers with Unknown number type.

2) Personalizing Messages with Geo-Location Attributes

With Geo-location attributes you can personalize your outreach based on your customers' location. You can cast a wide net with the Country attribute if you operate in multiple countries or get more specific with the State/Province and Area Code attributes.

3) Simplifying and Scaling Followups with Activity Attributes

Do you feel like you have many contacts but you are not following up effectively? Well, the Activity filter attributes give you a lot of flexibility to simplify that process. For example, if you want to quickly identify customers you have reached out to and have not gotten a response yet you can use the Total Messages Received in conjunction with Last Contacted date to segment out customers you need to follow up with.

4) Sending Broadcasts to Precisely Segmented Audience

Segments are of help for sending out broadcasts, where multiple segments can be used. You can just save your customer segments using one or multiple filters and conditions and use them whenever you need to send a message to the precise audience.

How to Create a Dynamic Segment

To save your filter as a Segment, click the "Create Segment" button and give it a name. You'll be able to use your segments when searching for contacts as well as in Broadcasts.

Updating segments

To update a segment, enter your filters option and either replace, or add a filter to be able to more easily refine your search for your contacts.

You'll be able to save the segment either under the same segment or as a new segment.

Send a Broadcast to a Segment

When sending a broadcast, you'll be able to quickly curate your broadcast to your selected segment instead of manually selecting the recipients of the broadcast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does OR / AND / NOT logic work?

See the example above for visual representation on how to combine your filters.

Can I save filters?

Yes, you can save as many segments as you want and even go back and update the filter criteria.

Are the saved segments dynamic?

Yes, saved filters will changed based on changes to the contact attributes.

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