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Automatically ensure your contacts phone numbers are valid

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Have you ever wondered if the phone numbers you have in the Contacts list are accurate and will indeed receive your text messages?

Well, we are excited to introduce PhoneCheckr™ the latest addition to Salesmsg that helps you determine exactly which phone numbers good for texting.

How it Works

Using PhoneCheckr™ is very easy. Simply navigate to Organization Settings

and locate the PhoneCheckr box. Once the box has been located, toggle the feature from off to on:

Once the feature is toggled on, the user is presented with a prompt to alert them of the cost associated with validating their contact's phone numbers. Additionally, there is a checkbox that determines if we look up all the contacts in the account now or only new contacts from here on out.

Heads up: When you enable Phonecheckr on the 'Organization Settings' page and have an integration connected, like HubSpot, Salesmsg will lookup all contacts in HubSpot to provide you full granularity on your contacts who can and should be contacted via SMS.

Viewing contacts by phone number type

Salesmsg saved segments offers a vast amount of criteria one can leverage to dial in on the right contacts. Phone type is the latest addition to the sophisticated contact filtering Salesmsg users can do.

Use the filter modal to search for the phone number type you'd like to save a segment for.

The filters can be adjusted for "contact fields", "geo-location", "activity", and "custom fields" as well as many more options to help you find the most prudent contacts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to look up a phone number?

It costs 1¢ per phone number

What If I never looked up my phone number types?

You could target those contacts by saying "Phone Type" "Is unknown"

With Phonecheckr turned on will it validate contacts I manually add?

With Phonecheckr on, no matter how your contact is added to Salesmsg the phone number is looked up.

How am I billed for PhoneCheckr?
PhoneCheckr will be a separate bill adjusted to your account, it is not included in your subscription fee.

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