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Manage duplicate and unlinked Salesmsg contacts

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Contact Cleanup is a new feature that enables you to merge duplicate contacts into one and resolve unlinked contacts streamlining your contact list.

Duplicate Contacts

Two contacts are duplicate in Salesmsg if they both have the same phone number.

For duplicate contacts you can either:

  • Pick a primary contacts, then merge the duplicate contacts, or

  • Keep both duplicate contacts

If you merge the duplicate contacts, the phone number of the primary contact will be used.

Unlinked Contacts

If you integrate Salesmsg to your CRM, you have the option to keep your Salesmsg and CRM linked & in Sync.

If you have duplicate contacts in either Salesmsg or you CRM or if you create contacts manually or through an import in Salesmsg, you can end up with a number of unlinked contacts.

Managing unlinked contacts is easily done with Contact Cleanup as follows:

  • for every unlinked contact you will see a list of one or more CRM contacts that it could be linked to based on the phone number property

  • you can either pick one of the suggested contacts or link the contact manually by searching for a CRM contact

  • if you enable the option to update the Salesmsg contact, then the CRM contact attributes will be reflected in Salesmsg

  • you can also skip contacts that you do not wish to link to CRM contacts

  • continue this process for all your unlinked contacts

Frequently Asked Questions

Which attributes are used when I merge contacts?

The attributes of the primary contact you chose in the pop-up if populated. Otherwise, the values of the second contact are used.

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