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What is a Shared Inbox?

Salesmsg inboxes gives you and your team the ability to collaborate together on conversations. Each inbox is given its own unique phone number that you and your team can texts the contacts from.

You'll be able to to toggle through your other inbox, view, rely, and assign the conversations to another team member if you choose.

Step 1: Create Your Shared Inbox

From the Settings > Inboxes page, click the button New Inbox to create your inbox.

Give your inbox a name, add your team members, and input the area code to search for a new phone number for your inbox.

After your inbox has been created, you'll see a whole of new settings and features.

Step 2: Add Members To Your Inbox

From the Members tab on the Inbox, you can add additional team members. Click the Add Members button and add them to the inbox.

Step 3: Setup Call Forwarding

When someone calls your Shared Inbox it's recommended that you setup

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