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What does this mean?

Aircall phone numbers purchased through the Aircall dashboard are not immediately compatible with other SMS services. For them to become compatible an Aircall support agent needs to know which SMS service you'd like your Aircall number enabled for.

This page is where you can contact the Aircall team and let them know you'd like a number enabled for Salesmsg SMS.

What to say

  1. Contact Email Address: Your Aircall account email

  2. Phone Number: Your phone number

  3. Country: North America

  4. Number to be activated/troubleshooted: +123-456-7890

  5. Was this number recently Ported?: If you're not sure, indicate that in the comments.

  6. Third-Party SMS Provider: Salesmsg

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Aircall contact me?

Aircall will send your email address updates. Additionally, you can come back to the Aircall team and review your submitted requests.

My number sends SMS but does not receive SMS.

Report an issue to Aircall here. Be thorough in describing the behavior and include the phone number(s) that are degraded.

Why can't I use MMS?

Most Aircall numbers do not offer MMS. Alternatively, you can use MMS with Salesmsg provided numbers in the same account you have your Aircall number in via additonal Inboxes

What's the most efficient way to get a new Aircall number set up for Salesmsg?

From here, select "Porting & Numbers" then select "Submit a Service Request or Ask a question." Express your desire to get a new number that will work with Salesmsg right away. Let them know what area code you'd like and Aircall will help you acquire the number and enable it simultaneously.

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