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What kind of messages can I send?
What kind of messages can I send?

You can send sms texts, images, url links, files, vcards, .pdf and more.

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What you can include in your messages

You can include up to five image files, attachments, hyperlinks to book appointments, send gifs, and emojis just like regular texting. You can also quickly insert saved canned responses into your conversations or even create a scheduled text to send out at a later time.

Document Files

Select the paper clip to open the prompt. Attach up to 10 MB of .pdf / .doc / .docx / .xls / .xlsx / or .csv

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Add Notes

When you toggle SMS to Note, the text box converts into a space for internal notes that your client won't see.Β 

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Sending vCards

To send a vCard to your clients, simply click on the media icon in the text board to drag and drop your vCard into your message.Β 

Upload a .mp4 or .mov

Select a .mp4 or .mov by either using the link in the modal to open your file explorer or drag and drop into the proliferated square!

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Hosted file URL's

Have an image on your website you would like to share in your message? Writing in the URL for where the image is hosted will work to share the file. Here is an example of a Hosted images file URL "".

Hubspot Meetings Links

If you have connected Hubspot as integration you can easily attach Hubspot meeting links to the conversation.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I send a video?

You can upload both .mp4 and .mov files to Salesmsg and send them to your contacts in a hyperlink.

Images do not load. What Can I do?

Sometimes our carrier provider can experience high traffic in the network causing images not to load. If the image is time-sensitive, we suggest uploading the image to a storage site and sending a link.

How does Image Formatting work?

You can upload up to five images at a time, in the following formats: png, jpeg, gif, vCard up to 3.5MB collectively.
(recommended size for media files 480 pixels wide, up to 720 pixels high)
​Attachments must include a valid URL.
​Actual links included in your text will send as clickable hyperlinks.

Can I send group texts with Salesmsg?

Unfortunately, no, the major cell carriers do not support A2P (Application-to-person) platforms sending group text messages as a way to mitigate spammers. Fortunately, we have a host of great ways to engage your contacts through automation and 1-to-many formats like Broadcasts.

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