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Learn how to upload a file to the cloud, and obtain a url you can SMS/MMS to your contacts that will lead to the file. While Salesmsg has the ability to attach .gif, .png, .jpg, or .vCard directly from our UI, you could send a shareable link to any type of file that can be hosted on your cloud storage platform. 


Upload your desired file, to your desired cloud storage service.
In our example, we’ll use Google Drive for our cloud storage platform and a .pdf file. On the dashboard of your cloud platform you should be able to find a place to upload your chosen file. 

If you can’t find a place to add a file, try dragging the file from its current location and dropping it in the folder where your other files exist. 

Verify your privacy settings for your recently uploaded file.
Cloud storage platforms have various levels of privacy settings for the files you upload. By default, the files will be private, only accessible by the owner & authorized users of the cloud storage platform. Prior to sending your SMS with the link to the desired file, make sure the file is shareable. On Google Drive, click the “link” icon to access the link you’ll put in your SMS message.

Click “Sharing settings” and then “Advanced” when the window appears.

From the “Advanced” Sharing settings window, select the change option.

Then change it to “Anyone with the link” & save.

Once you’ve saved it, you’ll be sent back to the window shown below where you can copy your link to send to your contacts in an SMS message!

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How to Shorten Your URL

We recommend shortening your URL using a service like Bitly.com so it will look something like this...

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