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All in One Messaging & Calling

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Salesmsg is an all-in-one messaging and calling app that helps streamline your communication with customers and leads. Whether you need to send a text, make a call, or listen to a voicemail, Salesmsg has got you covered.

SMS Conversations

Sending your first text message via Salesmsg is an easy trick! You can easily send and receive text messages with customers and leads directly from the conversations tab of the application.

Saved Replies

You can create and save commonly used responses for faster texting. You can access saved replies right from the conversation. More information on setting up and triggering saved replies can be found in this article.

Merge Fields

Personalize your messages by using merge fields to insert customer and lead information dynamically. To learn more about personalization please refer to this article.

MMS & Video Texting

You can attach multimedia files such as videos, audio files, and documents to your messages using our Media Library. You can either drag and drop your files there or use the once that already exist.

Salesmsg will auto-create a GIF preview of your video and send it via MMS to your contact. The complete video can be accessed through a link included beneath the preview in the message. This feature enables previews for even large or lengthy videos that are typically unsuitable for MMS transmission.

You can also register audio and video messages right in your conversations.

Undo Message

If you accidentally sent a message to the wrong person or just typed something you didn't mean to, Salesmsg allows you to fix it by pressing โ€œUndoโ€.

Draft Messages

If you've just typed in your message, but haven't sent it yet, it will be saved automatically and updated across multiple conversations. Draft messages will be marked with a pencil sign, making them easily identified. Additionally, you can use the Drafts filter to view and edit all your draft messages in one place.

Unread Messages Count

For your convenience we show the number of unread messages per conversation. You can also filter conversations based on Unread status.

Share Message

For your teamwork efficiency, each message in a conversation can be shared with your team members who have an appropriate access level to it. Once you click 'Share', the URL will be copied to your clipboard and you can paste it wherever you need.


Calling feature is Salesmsg's solution that allows you to make and receive calls directly from the app, eliminating the need for multiple apps. The built-in dial pad makes it easy to place calls, even if you don't have the contact saved in your address book. If you miss a call, you can listen to the voicemail directly from the app. You can also set up your own voicemail to avoid missed calls from you customers.


You can create and manage contacts in Salesmsg, making it easy to keep track of all your customer and lead interactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a filter where I can see all conversations?

Not at this time, but remember, your contact's conversation is always at your fingertips if you search for your contact on the Conversations page.

Is it possible to schedule messages in Salesmsg?

Yes! Salesmsg allows its users to schedule messages in advance. All scheduled messages can be edited or deletes in a consolidated view. More information can be found in this article.

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