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Call History View
Call History View

View Your Calls In One Place

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The Call History feature in Salesmsg 2.0 allows users to view a consolidated call history log for any selected inbox, making it especially useful for inboxes with high call frequency. Call History is available as a switch on the conversations page, showing you a list of calls and call-related messages, such as voicemail recordings. Users can filter the table by call outcome and conversation type for better organization and analysis.

Accessing Call History

To access the Call History view, use the toggle at the top of the conversation list. By default, this view shows "All Calls," displaying a list of calls sorted by time, with the newest first. This view enables users to see the complete call history, including unread counters, in a straightforward table format.

Switching Inboxes

Switching between different inboxes will update the call list accordingly. A unified inbox view (All Inboxes view) is also available, providing a comprehensive look at call history across multiple inboxes.

Filtering Call Outcomes

The Call History feature allows users to filter the call list by outcome, including:

  • All calls

  • Inbound - answered

  • Inbound - missed

  • Inbound - voicemail

  • Outbound - answered

  • Outbound - no answer

  • Forwarded calls (shown as inbound calls with a β€œfwd” label)

These filters help users focus on specific types of calls, making it easier to manage and analyze call data.

Filtering Conversation Status

Users can filter call records by conversation type, with the following options:

  • Open

  • Unread

  • Needs Response

  • Closed

  • Yours

  • Unassigned

These filters allow users to manage their calls based on the status of the conversation, ensuring that important calls are not overlooked.

Quick Actions: Call and Send Message

Quick actions are displayed when hovering over a contact name in the Call History view. These actions include initiating a call or sending a message, allowing users to quickly interact with contacts without leaving the call history table.

Audio Records Playback

For recorded calls and voicemails, the Call History feature provides audio playback functionality. This allows users to listen to call recordings or voicemails directly from the table, facilitating quick review and follow-up actions.

Unread Status Management

The Call History feature introduces an unread status for every message, with a counter displaying the number of unread messages for each outcome. Clicking on a line in the table or starting playback of an audio file will mark the message as "read." Additionally, entering the conversations view will mark all unread messages as "read," helping users keep track of unread messages efficiently.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidated View: Provides a comprehensive view of all call activities in an inbox.

  • Filtering Options: Allows easy filtering by call outcome and conversation status for better organization.

  • Quick Actions: Offers quick access to calling and messaging actions directly from the Call History view.

  • Unread Management: Efficiently manages unread messages and voicemails, ensuring important communications are not missed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I access the Call History view?

Access the Call History view by toggling the switch at the top of the conversation list.

Can I filter the call list by specific outcomes?

Yes, you can filter the call list by specific outcomes such as answered, missed, voicemail, and more.

How do I mark a message as read?

Clicking on a line in the table or starting playback of an audio file will mark the message as "read."

What actions can I take directly from the Call History view?

You can quickly initiate a call or send a message by using the quick actions that appear when hovering over a contact name.

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