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In this tutorial you'll learn how to make outbound phone calls from your Salesmsg phone number right from Hubspot CRM.

Step 1: Set up Call Forwarding on Salesmsg

For step-by-step instructions on how to set-up call forwarding on your Salesmsg number, see this article.

1. Go to Settings > Numbers and edit the number your ant to call from.

2. Edit the Number and change the destination to the number to ring

Step 2: Verifying Your Number

1. From a contact, click on the Calls tab.

2. Click Make a Phone Call

3. click Add Phone Number and input your Salesmsg phone number.

This will then place a phone call to your Salesmsg number and ask you to enter in the PIN code provided. Once it's been verified you can start making outbound calls from this number.

4. After you verify the phone number you'll be able to make outbound phone calls!

How To Add a Phone Number From HubSpot Settings

1. Go to your HubSpot settings page (gear icon)

2. The go to Sales > Calling then add your new number

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What are the costs for call forwarding?
For USA and Canada calling, the rate is $0.050/minute. 

Can I forward calls to a shared inbox?
Absolutely. In the Shared Inbox settings, set up the call forwarding settings for you numbers and we will forward the call.

To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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