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Make calls from HubSpot CRM using your Salesmsg phone number

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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make outbound phone calls from your Salesmsg phone number right from HubSpot CRM.

Calling from the Contact Record

Make sure your Salesmsg organization is integrated with your HubSpot account.
From the contact record page, select the phone button verify the "call from" option is set to Salesmsg.

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When the dialer model opens, you can place your call from any Salesmsg inbox you have access to.

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You can even edit the phone number you're calling on the fly.

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Salesmsg Calling Activity In HubSpot

Salesmsg calling activity is now natively displayed using HubSpot's calling activity type. Right form the timeline, and for each one of your calls, you can:

  • Review call recordings and voicemails

  • Set a call outcome

  • Update the direction of the call

  • Add call notes

  • Share call recordings

You can also creates custom reports for your calling activity.

Another method

HubSpot can use your Salesmsg number to call Contacts via Call Forwarding...

Step 1: Set up Call Forwarding on Salesmsg

For step-by-step instructions on how to set up call forwarding on your Salesmsg number, see this article.

Step 2: Verifying Your Salesmsg Number from HubSpot

To verify your Salesmsg phone number on HubSpot, please see this full article Registering your phone number for calling.

Make Calls From HubSpot

From the contact record, click on Call and select the Salesmsg Phone Number to call from. You can place the call from the Browser or from your Phone. For your convenience we added the microphone and headphones settings to the calling widget.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs for call forwarding?
For USA and Canada calling, the rate is 1 message credit/minute.Β 

If I have calling set up with another service provider, can I still call from HubSpot?
You could, but not from the phone number you're using that has voice services with another service provider. All inbound and outbound calls would be through that service.

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