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Saved replies give you a fast and straightforward way to reply to common responses from within the Salesmsg web, mobile, and chrome extension.

As an admin, you can create Saved replies for your members and share this with your team or keep it private to yourself. As a member, you can create your own private Saved replies as well.

Step 1: Setting Up Your Saved Reply

Head over to Settings > Personal Settings > Saved Replies to create your message.

Step 2: Create Your Saved Reply

  • Title
    The name of your Saved Reply to easily find the message.

  • Organization-Wide
    As an admin, you can choose to share this canned message with your team members.

  • Integration
    Salesmsg gives you the option to insert your CRM merge fields into the canned message.

  • Message
    Type in your text message along with merge fields, emojis, even MMS pictures and gifs.

Step 3: Insert Your Saved Replies

From the chat area, select the Saved Reply you want to insert and it will appear in the chatbox.

Pro Tip: "/" Shortcuts

When you are composing a message, if you want to insert your saved reply, access the menu by pressing the forward-slash key "/" which will open the saved reply modal. Start typing the title of your saved reply and once you're focused on it select "enter". This will populate the saved reply in the message file at the spot where you invoked the "/" shortcut.

Frequently asked questions

I don't see the Saved Replies I created, where are they?

If you created a saved reply and have selected an Integration, then this saved reply will only appear when the contact is linked to that integration.

For example, a HubSpot-based saved reply will only be available on a HubSpot-linked contact.

Why can't I create an Organization-Wide saved reply?

Only an Admin is able to create saved replies that can be shared with the entire organization. Members can create saved replies for themselves, but not for others in the organization.

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