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How to use merge fields & fallbacks with SMS & MMS messages
How to use merge fields & fallbacks with SMS & MMS messages

Personalize your text messages with merge fields and fallbacks.

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Personalizing Text Messages

Adding personalization to your messages is easy. Just click the { } button to show the available merge fields and select one to insert into your message.

You can also insert your integration merge field into the text message. The integration merge field will only appear if the Contact is actually connected to a contact in your integration & has a value in the merge field property.


What happens if you're sending a Trigger message and there isn't a value for the merge field?

For example, if you add "Hi { first_name}" in your message but there isn't a first name for that contact, what do you do?

Fallbacks can be used in...

  • Triggers

  • Canned Messages

  • Business Hours autoresponder

Using a Fallback, Salesmsg will insert a message if there isn't a value available like...

If the name is available...

"Hi { first_name | 'there' }" would be "Hi Chris"

If the name isn't available...

"Hi { first_name | 'there' }" would be "Hi there"

To use a fallback, simply use this syntax to insert your fallback message.

{ variable_name | 'text' }

Using An Integration

You can also use Fallbacks when using an integration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I check what is value is in the property before I send the message?

You can see the value before you send the message when you're sending one-off messages or using Canned Messages! Hovering over the property will display a tool-tip with the value.

I sent messages using a merge field with an automation, some contacts got nothing.

This is a strong indicator that there is no value in the targeted property, using a fallback is a great way to minimize issues pertaining to missing data in merge fields.

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