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How to Insert Contact Token Merge Fields in HubSpot Workflows
How to Insert Contact Token Merge Fields in HubSpot Workflows

This will allow you to personalize your message templates by inserting any Contact Token as a Merge Field in HubSpot Workflows!

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Personalize Your Message

When creating your Salesmsg text message from your HubSpot Workflow, click on the Contact token to search and find the property you want to insert.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use deal properties in my contact-based workflow?

Unfortunately no, while Salesmsg gives on the ability to send SMS & MMS messages from Deal or Contact based HubSpot workflows, HubSpot does not allow one to use a Deal property in a Contact workflow or vice-versa

Why is it that when I use the contact token and send a message, the message does not have anything in it for the contact token?

You will want to look at that contacts HubSpot contact record and verify there is a value in the property you’re using in the contact token

Why is the value of the contact token that was sent, not the one I was expecting?
This is usually due to a duplicate contact record in HubSpot. Where the contact with the unexpected value is selected instead of the one with the expected value. From the HubSpot contacts page, you can merge duplicate contacts if necessary.

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