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Have you ever wanted to start a Workflow when someone texts in a specific keyword or calls your Salesmsg phone number?

Well now you can with Salesmsg's NEW HubSpot Workflow integration with Enrollment Triggers!

How it Works

With HubSpot Workflows you can automatically enroll contacts into your Workflows based on certain actions that happen on Salesmsg!

When you click the button Set enrollment triggers button you'll see in the Trigger workflows when section the following Salesmsg triggers...

  • Salesmsg: Contact Created
  • Salesmsg: Conversation
  • Salesmsg: Message Received
  • Salesmsg: Message Sent
  • Salesmsg: Phone Call Received

You have the option to set any condition using these new filters!

Here's a few examples...

  • Capture leads from SMS using Text-to-Join Keywords
  • Trigger workflows when someone calls your personal or shared Salesmsg number

Text to Join Keywords

In this example, we want to enroll people to our Workflow when they text the word Salesmsg to your phone number (561) 771-5917.

"Text Salesmsg to (561) 771-5917"

Step 1: Select the "Salesmsg: Message Received" Option

After you click the Set enrollment triggers, then select the option Salesmsg: Message Received

Step 2: Select "Message Body"

This is the text message the option that looks for the actual text message people send over to your Salesmsg number.

Step 3: Select "Starts With Any of" Option

Enter in the Keyword you want people to reply in. We suggest you choose a word that's specific to a campaign. For example, if could be something like... Inbound2020.

Step 3: Select the Condition AND

Step 4: Select "Salesmsg Number"

Step 5: Select "is Equal to Any of"

And enter in the Salesmsg Phone Number where you want people to text into.

Step 6: Save Your Trigger

Apply your filter, save your trigger, and you're done!

Step 7: Update the Re-Enrollment Settings

Edit the re-enrollment settings to select the Message Body so people can text it in and get re-enrolled multiple times.

Now contacts can enter this workflow and receive the message associated with the Salesmsg message would be to send your Salesmsg number a message that starts with the word "Salesmsg".

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