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Take a long link and use our URL Shortener to save characters and increase message deliverability.

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With this new feature, one can take a URL and make a shortened version of that URL! Not only is this great because it's a money saver but it also is less scrutinized by your contacts carrier network.



When composing a message to one of your contacts on the conversations page of app.salesmessage.com if your call to action has anything to do with getting someone to visit a webpage having them click a URL lean in for this.

Next Steps

  1. Take a link/URL that may be fairly long in characters

  2. Paste that link/URL into the message field

  3. Click the link shortening Icon

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Take this link anywhere

Need this link all the time? Why not save the Short URL in a Canned message! It's also possible to copy the link and included it in an integrated message action: like in a HubSpot workflow or Active Campaign automation.

Short URL function is also available for Broadcast creation, Triggers and Keywords. If you are using short URL for Broadcasts we will add some extra simbols to the link to be able to track clicks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this link expire?

No. The link will not expire

Can I embed this link into a single word?

Using the SMS and MMS protocols for sending messages it's not possible to completely conceal a hyperlink into a word like "here" or "now" or even a photo for that matter. Embedded links are supported in SMS messages.

Why won't my URL go short?

Some common mistakes are leaving your URL with an "/" at the end. (i.e "https://salesmessage.com/" vs "https://salesmessage.com"). Not inducing the "https://".

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