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Take a long link and use our URL Shortener to save characters and increase message deliverability.

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With this new feature, one can take a URL and make a shortened version of that URL! Not only is this great because it's a money saver but it also is less scrutinized by your contacts carrier network.


When composing a message to one of your contacts on the conversations page of app.salesmessage.com if your call to action has anything to do with getting someone to visit a webpage having them click a URL lean in for this.

Next Steps

  1. Take a link/URL that may be fairly long in characters

  2. Paste that link/URL into the message field

  3. Click the link shortening Icon

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Take this link anywhere

Need this link all the time? Why not save the Short URL in a Canned message! It's also possible to copy the link and included it in an integrated message action: like in a HubSpot workflow or Active Campaign automation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this link expire?

No. The link will not expire

Can I embed this link into a single word?

Using the SMS and MMS protocols for sending messages it's not possible to completely conceal a hyperlink into a word like "here" or "now" or even a photo for that matter. Embedded links are supported in SMS messages.

Why won't my URL go short?

Some common mistakes are leaving your URL with an "/" at the end. (i.e "https://salesmessage.com/" vs "https://salesmessage.com"). Not inducing the "https://".

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