The industry standard for text messaging is 160 characters across all carriers in the U.S. and Canada.

Depending on how long your message is, you have three different sending options through SimpleTexting.

Standard SMS

Character count: 160 || Credit per message: 1

These are your standard text messages that we mentioned above. They can be up to 160 characters, and they cost one credit, per contact, to send. Any images or file attachments sent out via SMS will be delivered as a URL.

Extended SMS

Character count: 304 || Credit per message: 2

An Extended SMS message is basically a double SMS. These can be up to 304 characters in length, and they cost two credits per contact.

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service)

Character count: 1600 || Credit per message: 3

MMS messages can be up to 1600 characters in length, and cost 3 credits per contact to send.

With MMS you can also add a subject to your messages, and include images and file attachments (up to 1MB in size) within the body of your message.

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