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Adding Custom Short URLs domain to Salesmsg: A Step-by-Step Guide

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In the digital age, branding is key. One way to enhance your brand's visibility and consistency across online communications is through the use of custom short URLs. Salesmsg now offers the ability to add custom short domains or subdomains to your account, allowing for more personalized and branded links. This feature not only makes your links more recognizable but also increases trust among your audience. Below is a comprehensive guide to setting up your custom short URL within the Salesmsg platform.

Step 1: Access Settings

Begin by navigating to your account settings. Click on your avatar in the bottom left corner and select Settings.

Step 2: Locate URL Shortener Section

Within the settings menu, search for a section dedicated to URL shortening labeled as "URL Shortener". This section is where you'll find all the tools and options for managing your links and setting up custom short URLs.

Step 3: Add a Custom Domain

Inside the URL shortener section, you'll find an option to "Add a Custom Domain." This button allows you to start the process of integrating your unique domain or subdomain for creating short links. Click this to proceed.

Step 4: Specify Domain Details

You'll be prompted to input the custom short domain or subdomain you wish to use. This could be a completely new domain dedicated to link shortening or a subdomain of your existing website. Decide whether you want to use the entire domain for link shortening or just a subdomain connected to your primary website domain.

Step 5: Upload Certificates for HTTPS

For secure link creation, it's important to upload the necessary SSL certificates. This ensures that all short links created with your custom domain will use HTTPS, providing encryption and security for users who click on your links.

Step 6: Configure DNS Records

Next, you'll need to update DNS records through your domain provider:

For a full domain: Create an A-record pointing to the specified Salesmsg IP address. This directs traffic from your custom domain to Salesmsg's servers for link shortening.

For subdomains: Create a CNAME record pointing to This connects your subdomain to Salesmsg while keeping it part of your main domain.

Step 7: Domain Verification

After updating DNS records, you'll need to verify your domain with Salesmsg. This process involves Salesmsg checking the DNS records to confirm they are correctly pointing to Salesmsg's servers. Domain verification can take several hours, depending on the speed of DNS record updates. Make sure you add apropriate DNS records to your domain provider before you press verify.

Step 8: Purchase the Feature

The custom short URL feature comes at a cost of $20 per month. This fee enables the use of your custom domain or subdomain for all link shortening needs within Salesmsg, providing a branded and professional appearance to your communications.

Step 9: Start Using Your Custom Short URLs

Once your domain is verified and the feature is active, you can start using your custom short URLs across the Salesmsg platform. Look for the short link icon in various sections of Salesmsg where link sharing is common, such as in messages, broadcasts, triggers and keywords.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many domains can I add to Salesmsg?

Currently you can only add 1 domain.

What would happen to my links if I remove my custom domain from Salesmsg?

You will not be able to generate new short links using your custom domain. However any created links will continue to work as long as you keep DNS settings intact.

What to do if my certificates are about to expire?

You can press "edit" under 3 dots menu for your custom domain and add new certificates.

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