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Add files to your Salesmsg media library to store them for convenient access. This is especially useful for any .pdfs, Microsoft word documents, spread sheets in .CSV or .xls/.xlsx files. Customer support services or other personal messages can be sent as a video!

The Media Library Modal

This modal is accessible once you select either the Video 🎥 or Documents 📎 button from the message composing toolbox.

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Outlined in the green box are 3 tabs you can use to change which files you're viewing. I am toggled on the videos tab here I can only view my .mp4 or .mov files.

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Outlined in the blue box is the storage meter! If you run out of space, you'll need to remove some items.

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Links in the message body?

To ensure deliverability and provide the best speed, hosting files and producing a link is the best method to deliver these types of media to your contacts.

Managing your files

Once uploaded, you'll need a way to review, delete, and use them! When a file is selected, you can delete, download, and insert the file. Insert will put the URL into your message composing box.

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To review a file that has been previously uploaded select it from the file library and press "insert". Once you have the URL in the Salesmsg message composing box, copy-paste it into your browsers address bar.

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You can also download them directly from the library!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the file without a link?

Technical limitations make direct file attachment a undesirable experience. Which is why the URL is necessary.

Can I add .gif, .png, or .jpg to the media library?

At this time only video and document files can be saved in the library.

Who can access media in the library?

Assets within the Salesmsg media library are visible to all users for easy sharing across teammates.

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