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Add files to your Salesmsg media library to store them for convenient access. This is especially useful for any .pdfs, Microsoft word documents, spread sheets in .CSV or .xls/.xlsx files. Customer support services or other personal messages can be sent as a video!

The Media Library Modal

This modal is accessible once you select either the Video 🎥 or Documents 📎 button from the message composing toolbox.

Screenshot at February 1st 2022 - 4.58.41 pm.png

Outlined in the green box are 3 tabs you can use to change which files you're viewing. I am toggled on the videos tab here I can only view my .mp4 or .mov files.

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Outlined in the blue box is the storage meter! If you run out of space, you'll need to remove some items.

Screenshot at February 1st 2022 - 5.06.25 pm.png

Links in the message body?

To ensure deliverability and provide the best speed, hosting files and producing a link is the best method to deliver these types of media to your contacts.

Managing your files

Once uploaded, you'll need a way to review, delete, and use them! When a file is selected, you can delete, download, and insert the file. Insert will put the URL into your message composing box.

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To review a file that has been previously uploaded select it from the file library and press "insert". Once you have the URL in the Salesmsg message composing box, copy-paste it into your browsers address bar.

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You can also download them directly from the library!

Screencast at February 1st 2022 - 5.16.54 pm.gif

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the file without a link?

Technical limitations make direct file attachment a undesirable experience. Which is why the URL is necessary.

Can I add .gif, .png, or .jpg to the media library?

At this time only video and document files can be saved in the library.

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