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Add videos and documents to your Salesmsg accounts media library for quick access

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Add files to your Salesmsg media library to store them for convenient access. This is especially useful for any .pdfs, Microsoft word documents, spread sheets in .CSV or .xls/.xlsx files. Customer support services or other personal messages can be sent as a video!

The Media Library Modal

This modal is accessible once you select either the Documents πŸ“Ž button from the message composing toolbox.

Once you click it, you'll see the media library. Switch between the tabs to choose the type of file you want to send. In the upper left corner, you'll see the storage meter! If you run out of space, you'll need to remove some items.

Links in the message body?

To ensure deliverability and provide the best speed, hosting files and producing a link is the best method to deliver these types of media to your contacts.

Upload files

To upload new files, choose the tab Upload and drag and drop your files there. You can also use Custom File URL field to input the link to your image without the need to download it to your machine.

Managing your files

Once uploaded, you can review all the files, as well as delete, and use them! When a file is selected, you can delete, download, and insert the file. Insert will put the URL into your message composing box.

You can also download them directly from the library!

Upload vCards

To send contact details to your counterparts, you can upload and send vCards.

You can also receive vCards yourself, in this case Salesmsg will suggest you to save those contacts in your contacts list letting you know if the contact already exists.

Register Video

Lastly, you can easily record your video right in Salesmsg. You can pause, stop and resume the record, review it and upload it to your library. If you don't like the video you can delete it and restart recording.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the file without a link?

Technical limitations make direct file attachment a undesirable experience. Which is why the URL is necessary.

Can I add .gif, .png, or .jpg to the media library?

Yes! GIF files should be 480x480 or less than 600KB

Who can access media in the library?

Assets within the Salesmsg media library are visible to all users for easy sharing across teammates.

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