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Using your existing Aircall numbers

With Aircall’s Salesmsg integration you can use your existing Aircall phone numbers to send, receive, and manage text message conversations. To easily get started, confirm that your Aircall number is configured for messaging and contact our support team to help.

Integrate your CRM with Salesmsg to track, send, manage your text conversations

Not only does Salesmsg integrate with Aircall, but it also connects with many 3rd party apps like HubSpot, Pipedrive, Infusionsoft/Keap, ActiveCampaign, and many other CRMs.

Integrating with Aircall

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  2. Use an Aircall integration link provided by our support team to connect your Aircall account with Salesmsg within the admin dashboard.
  3. Once you've successfully integrated to Aircall in your Settings > Integrations, you can start sending and receiving text messages.

Can Aircall numbers send SMS and MMS?

If you have an existing Aircall number, your number may not have MMS capabilities. If you prefer to have a number with SMS & MMS, we can provide you a Salesmsg number.

What other numbers can I text enable?
If you have a true landline number, we can text enable those! Or if you want to learn about porting over your number into Salesmsg from another carrier, you can read more about that, here.

Troubleshooting your Aircall integration
If your texts suddenly stopped sending, it could be that the Aircall integration in the admin's dashboard may have been disconnected. Check the admin account to reconnect the integration if necessary. If you're integrated but your texts are still not sending, try disconnecting and reconnecting your Aircall integration to refresh the connection.

Multiple Aircall numbers

You can have multiple Aircall numbers in your dashboard and throughout your team.

Visit Aircall's website

To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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