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Using your landline phone number for texting.

Salesmsg is really excited to share this feature with your team. We've made it easier than ever to take your existing landline number and catapult it into the twenty-first century by enabling it for SMS & MMS.


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Step 1

From your Organization Owner account, navigate to settings and then inboxes. Once you're on the numbers page, select the "Add Landline" button.

Step 2

  1. Enter your address

2. Verify your number

  • Select "call me"

  • Listen for your prompt to enter the six-digit PIN

  • Enter the PIN

  • Receive confirmation message on the phone

3. Sign the Letter of Authorization

  • It will send to the email used to register your Salesmsg account

  • The email will be from "[email protected]"

  • Select "Review & Sign"

  • At the bottom Select "click to sign" select a method to add your signature

What's next?

After you've signed the LOA that was emailed to you the status should read "processing" and will be ready to go within 12-24 hours.

Screenshot on 2021-02-22 at 18-09-34.png

Once your hosted number order is ready, [email protected] will email you to let you know.

Last Step

Assign your number, you can select...

  • Replace Personal Inbox

  • New Shared Inbox

  • Replace Shared Inbox

Frequently Asked Questions

I assigned my number, but I don’t see it on my numbers page?

Hmm. The problem is probably this. If you assigned it as a shared inbox it will show on that page, not on the numbers page. Don’t worry, this will be updated soon.

Can I SMS enable my VoIP number?

You can, but you'll need to work with our support department so they can help coordinate with the voice service provider.

I used up my three attempts. What do I do now?

Ah, snap, but don’t worry. It happens. Just call or text our support team and we’ll get you fixed up.

I don't like where I assigned my number. How can I change it?

Never fear. Salesmsg has awesome support. Shoot us a text or give us a call at (561) 788-7898. However, conversations that are in that inbox can not be moved.

I am waiting for the LOA (Letter of Authorization), but nothing has come through?

The LOA comes from our network provider with the subject line “Hosted SMS Letter of Authorization.” The subject line is a bit eye-glazing jargon, but you do need to open it. Sorry and thanks.

How long does this process take?

Most landlines are ready by the following business day!

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