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The fastest way to send, receive, and manage text message conversations, is now available on Slack.

With this integration, you can easily engage your leads, customers, and clients with timely, personalized text messages right from Slack.

Here is what is available for you today:

πŸ“£ Send & receive texts from Slack
πŸ’» Use slash commands to send messages
πŸ“ Reply in Slack threads
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» Assign conversations from Slack
πŸ—“ Add conversation notes in Slack

How it Works

Connecting Salesmsg to Slack is very easy.

Step 1: Connect Your Slack Workspace

  • Under Settings, navigate to Integrations

  • Go to the Integrations - Slack then click on Connect

NOTE: to connect to Slack successfully, you need to the account admin on Slack and your accounts in both Slack and Salesmsg need to be under the same email address.

Step 2: Mapping Inboxes to Slack Channels

To keep your Slack channels organized, you can map all or a subset of your inboxes to one or more Slack Channels.

Note: you can only map to public Slack channels. If you do not see the right channel in the dropdown, simply click on the refresh icon.

Step 3: Send & Receive Messages From Slack

To start using Salesmsg in Slack go to the the right Slack channel, and use the slash command β€˜/salesmsg'.

A pop will appear that you can use to send outbound texts. You can either pick one of your saved replies or type out a custom message.

All incoming and outgoing messages for a single conversation will be organized in single Slack thread.

Step 4: Notes, Tags, and Conversation Assignment

To help you manage multiple threads in your Salesmsg channel effectively you access to many Salesmsg features right in Slack including the ability to:

  • add conversation notes

  • tag contacts

  • re-assign conversations to your team members

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Slack channels can I map to my Salesmsg inboxes?

As many as you like.

What happens if Slack user who is not on Salesmsg replies to incoming texts?

Only Slack members who are on both Slack and Salesmsg with the same email address will be able to use the integration.

Are all replies in threads sent to the customer?

Yes! If you want to leave an internal note, make sure to click on Add Note from the dropdown.

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