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Ringless Voicemail Error Reasons
Ringless Voicemail Error Reasons

Troubleshooting Guide: Understanding Ringless Voicemail Errors from 'Invalid Audio File' to 'No Answer'

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In this article we'll walk you through each error's meaning and potential causes, providing you with the insights needed to resolve these issues and achieve seamless ringless voicemail delivery.

Error Codes:

Audio File Not Valid: The uploaded audio file is either invalid or unreachable.

Region Not Supported: Unable to send to numbers outside our countries of operation.

Number Not reachable: The target phone number is unreachable, likely due to it being out of service.

Temporary Outage: The target phone number is temporarily unreachable due to a localized service issue.
​No Answer: Initial connection to the target number was successful, but the voicemail system failed to engage.

Contact Opted-Out: Messages cannot be sent as the contact has opted out in Salesmsg.

Voicemail Not Detected: The target phone number lacks voicemail functionality.

Known Litigator: The target phone number is associated with known TCPA litigation.

Landline Number: The target phone number is a landline and cannot receive voicemails.

User Busy: Voicemail attempt rejected by carrier, possibly flagged as spam.

Outside TCPA Hours: Voicemail delivery failed due to TCPA time restrictions.

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