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Salesmsg Reporting & Analytics

As a Salesmsg account owner, you now have access to text data like usage, team productivity, the number of new contacts created, and more. Use the calendar to see how many messages credits you are using on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.


  1. To locate the Analytics, navigate to your Account Settings then click on Analytics or click here.

  2. Use the flexible calendar view to select dates you wish to view reports on

  3. Export any text usage reports directly from the Beta Analytics

  4. Toggle to view the number of messages by Total, Sent, Received, Members, and Shared inboxes.

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Total Segments

This is the total of segments sent and received within the entire Salesmsg account. The member's text usage is included in this total.

Segments Sent

This total includes outbound messages only.

Segments Received

This total includes inbound messages only.

Total Calls

This is the sum of all calls made and received from your Salesmsg Organization


This is the sum of all calls received by your Salesmsg Organization


This is the sum of all calls made from your Salesmsg Organization


This is the sum of all calls received by your Salesmsg Organization that was forwarded to another phone number.

Calendar and Export options

The calendar dates are flexible and you can export data from any date including your all-time usage.

New Contacts

This will show you the number of contacts created within your organization during selected dates.

Opted-In Contacts

The number of contacts that opted-in to receive messages from your number.

Opted-Out Contacts

The number of contacts that opted out from receiving text messages from your number.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Segment?

Segments are the total of message credits used to send your text. If you crafted a lengthy message and packed it into a single SMS, chances are your message is over the one segment character limit of 160, and sending your message will cost more than one segment. Make sure to view the text box indicator so you know how many segments will be used to send your message. We also recommend keeping your messages short to send your text with fewer segments or message credits.

How do message credits work?

Each inbound and outbound message will deduct from your message credits. Depending on your subscription, there is an allotted amount of message credits included in your subscription that reset every time you enter a new month into your subscription. Unused subscription credits do not rollover.

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