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Hubspot Workflow Send SMS Action for Custom Objects
Hubspot Workflow Send SMS Action for Custom Objects
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In this tutorial, you'll learn how to send SMS through Custom Object workflows in HubSpot.

If you're utilizing Custom Objects in HubSpot, you'll appreciate the capability to send SMS via the 'Send SMS (Custom Object)' action within HubSpot workflows. This operates similarly to the standard 'Send SMS' action for Contacts but offers additional flexibility. You can choose to send the message to a phone number stored in an Object Token or to associated contacts.

To integrate the 'Send SMS' action, either create a new custom-based workflow or modify an existing one. Add an action by searching for 'Send SMS', and then specify the target phone number's location—either in an Object Token or among associated contacts. Complete the remaining fields as needed, and you're good to go!

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