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Our HubSpot integration gives you a simple way to send outbound text messages from your Workflows. In this tutorial you'll learn the two ways to send messages to your contacts.

Method #1: Send SMS Text Message

This option will give you a way to send a text by selecting the Salesmsg phone number, member, or shared inbox.

Method #2: Send SMS as HubSpot Contact Owner

If you'd like to send texts that come from the HubSpot Contact Owner, then you'll want to follow this tutorial.

Map Your HubSpot Users To Salesmsg Users

As the admin, after you've integrated HubSpot, you'll need to map your HubSpot users to your Salesmsg users. We need to this know which HubSpot user is assigned to the Salesmsg phone number for which we can send the text messages as coming from.

  1. Go to your Salesmsg HubSpot settings
  2. Map your HubSpot users (left) with the Salesmsg users (right)


Because this is a new integration from HubSpot, they are not giving apps like Salesmsg the ability to extend into other Workflow types aside from Contact-based at this time. 

  • ✅= Contact Based 
  • 🚫= Company Based
  • 🚫= Deal Based
  • 🚫= Ticket Based 

You can still send text messages from these Workflow types using Webhooks and Salesmsg Triggers.

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