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Salesmsg makes it easy for you to opt-out and unsubscribe contacts from receiving anymore messages on your account. There a few ways that you can manually opt-out a contact and the recipient can opt-out as well.

How Does a Contact Opt-Out?

When a contact replies STOP, STOPALL, UNSUBSCRIBE, CANCEL, END, and QUIT then Salesmsg will automatically unsubscribe this contact from receiving text messages from your phone number.

This number won’t receive anymore messages and your users won’t have the ability to send this contact text messages.

In order to “re-subscribe” the contact will have to reply back with either START, YES, or UNSTOP. This will re-enable their phone number and you can text the number again. To remain compliant, you will not be able to re-subscribe them from Salesmsg, this falls on the user to reply back in to opt in.

How Can Salesmsg Users Opt-Out a Contact?

If a contact asks you to stop texting or remove them, you can do this easily from within Salesmsg.

From the contact record, click on the link titled Opt Out and Salesmsg will unsubscribe this contact internally.

If you’d like to re-opt in the contact, just click Opt In and you’ll be able to send them text messages again.

How To Tell If Someone Has Opted Out

When someone has opted out, we will gray out the contact so you can easily see who is unable to receive text messages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will any opted out contacts receive any Triggers, Broadcasts, or messages from my CRM workflows or campaigns?
No. Once they are opted out they will no longer receive any message until they are opted in again. Salesmsg will simply skip these numbers and not attempt to send any messages to these contacts.

Can I customize the opt-out message?
For long code messages we do not have the option to change these default messages. For a dedicated Short Code, you can customize the messages. Please contact support to discuss changing the default opt-out messages.

Can I export a list of opted-out contacts?
Yes, we can provide a list of contacts that have unsubscribed. Please contact support for more information.

To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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