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If you want your contacts to Opt-in via SMS before you begin your conversations, you can enable the Double Opt-in feature in your account to send our templated opt-in message.
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This is an organization-wide feature that will apply to your entire team's settings and every contact will have to opt-in before you can start texting.Β 

Opting In & Opting Out

1. Before you begin a conversation with a contact, you'll first need to manually send a templated confirmation text.

2. After your contact opts in,Β you can start real correspondence with your contacts over the SMS channel.

3. If your contact responds "stop" they will automatically be opted-out and you won't be able to send texts to the contact until they opt-in again.

To enable or disable this feature, navigate to settings> organization settings > double Opt-in

Frequently asked questions

Can I use a workflow or automation to Opt-in more than one contact at a time?
Unfortunately no, our Support team can offer advice and workarounds for problems related to opting in many contacts at once.

Is it required I get consent to SMS my contacts?

It is, but double opt-in is only one method to accomplish this task, and double opt-in is not required. There are lots of ways for your contacts to agree to receive text messages relevant to your product or service.

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