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With our HubSpot integration, you can send and receive text message straight from your HubSpot CRM so you can view your conversations all in one place!

Once you've integrated HubSpot with Salesmsg, you'll see our Salesmsg widget in the HubSpot contact record & HubSpot Deals where you can quickly send your contact a message.

The features that are available with the HubSpot integration are:

Sending SMS & MMS Text Messages

From the chat interface you can send SMS text messages as well as MMS (multi-media) messages like animated gifs, images, and vcards. 

Canned Messages

Canned Messages are like Text Message Templates. They give you a way to create and personalize with HubSpot tokens to easily point, click, and insert the canned message into the text.

Insert HubSpot Properties

You can easily search for any existing HubSpot Property to insert the information that exists on that particular contact. For example, "Hi {FirstName}, do you still live in {HubSpot.City}?" and Salesmsg will insert the information into the text message.

Internal Notes

If you need to leave an internal note, just click the switcher to Note and this message will only be viewed by your internal account and team.

Message Scheduling

Need to schedule a message to go out at a later date? Just click the timer icon in the text board and set the schedule for when to deliver your next message. Read more on how to Schedule a text for later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send a text through Hubspot Deals?
Yes, you can! You'll need to add at least one valid Salesmsg-HubSpot linked contact to the deal.

  • ✅= Contact Based 
  • 🚫= Company Based
  • ✅= Deal Based
  • 🚫= Ticket Based 

You can still send text messages from these Workflow types using Webhooks and Salesmsg Triggers.

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