For your convenience, you can schedule a text to send out at a later time instead of drafting your text later. 

This is helpful for appointment reminders or if you just want to plan when your next message is sent. 

Here's how it works:

Insert your message in the text box and before you send it, click on the Timer Setting to schedule when your message will go out. Pick the day, time, and schedule your message.

After your scheduled text is set up, make sure to hit Send Message to confirm.
If you need to cancel your scheduled response, click on the red X to cancel the message.

Frequently asked questions

Can I schedule more than one text to my contact?
You can schedule more than one text, just at a different time.

Can I edit a scheduled text?
To edit a scheduled text, you have to cancel your current scheduled text and redraft the text the you would like to send out. 

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