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Different members of your organization can have varying roles, thus need different levels of access to Salesmsg. With Roles & Permissions you can pick the right role and customize permissions to fit the needs of your team.

Permissions for Standard Roles








Reporting & Analytics

Data & Security

Inbox Management

Members Management

Billing Management

Paid Seat 💰





If you want to extend View Only access to any one in your organization then the Observer role is the right one. You can invite an unlimited number of users under the Observer role with no additional charges.

Observers have the ability to request access to a higher role if they need it.

Picking a Role for New Members

You can now specify the right role for teammates you invite before you extend the invitation. That way they have the right access from day one.

Updating The Roles of Existing Users

You can change the roles of existing users as follows:

  1. Open your profile and select settings

  2. Navigate to Members

  3. Reference what role your member has in the center column

  4. Click on the menu on the right then, click "Change Role"

  5. Select the right role from the dropdown

Screen Capture on 2022-02-04 at 11-25-54.gif

Customized Permissions

If none of the Standard roles fit your needs, you can further customize permissions at the user level.

Managing Seats

If you change the role of a user to an Observer, you will need to:

  • Reassign the individuals work including Triggers, Contacts & Conversations to another user

  • Decide whether you want to keep or remove the Salesmsg Seat that was used by that individual

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to change my member's role?

Only if they are going from the free view-only role "Observer" to a higher permission.

Can I make any user the "Owner" role?

The "Admin" role is the closest a member can be to an "Owner". As the Owner, you can request that you exchange your Owner role with another member but there can only be one Owner.

Does disabling ALL the features drop a user to an Observer?

No. Turning off all feature permissions is not enough to turn a user into an Observer. The Observer role needs to be selected to turn the user into a view only user.

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