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The AI Texting Assistant is a powerful tool built into Salesmsg conversations to enhance your messaging experience. This advanced feature offers you various capabilities to help you craft better messages. Let's explore how you can enhance your customer communication, save time, and ensure your messages resonate effectively by utilizing the AI Texting Assistant.

Suggest a Response

Suggest a Response is a time-saving gem. It analyzes the content of an incoming message and generates contextually appropriate response for you. This comes in handy when you need quick and accurate replies without spending excessive time pondering over your response. Simply review the suggested response, click "I like it!" if it fits the conversation, and hit Send Message. If you don't like the response, give it a second try by clicking "Try again". The AI Texting Assistant helps you maintain a high level of responsiveness while personalizing your replies.

Rephrase a Message

Crafting the perfect message can sometimes be challenging. That's where the Rephrase My Message option comes to the rescue. If you're unsure about the spelling of your SMS, you can ask the AI to rephrase the message for you.

Turn Ideas Into Texts

AI Texting Assistant is the perfect solution when you are pressed on time for writing a perfect message to your customer. Just sprinkle the keywords of the message you want to convey and press "Expand My Message". The AI will provide you an expanded version of your message while ensuring it remains coherent and meaningful.

Add A Tone

Effective communication often requires adjusting the tone of your message based on the context or the recipient's preferences. Our AI Texting Assistant offers you a possibility to fine-tune your messages. Whether you want to sound more formal or friendly, this feature has got you covered.

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