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Manage Multiple Incoming Calls with Salesmsg Call Queues

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What is Call Queue in Salesmsg

Call Queue is an Inbox feature that allows you to view multiple concurrent inbound calls and answer the one that arrived first. It is one of the additions to the set of calling features

When Call Queue is enabled, it will manage all incoming calls to the Inbox, meaning as soon as a call reaches the Inbox, it will be placed in the queue. All members of the Inbox will be able to see the incoming call in the queue and answer it. If there are more than one concurrent call in the queue, users can see all calls but can only answer the first one that arrived.

Why is it usefull

There are several reasons why enabling Call Queue for your Inbox can be beneficial. Call Queue helps manage a sudden influx of calls that would otherwise be forwarded to voicemail. It also enables more than 10 members of the Inbox to see inbound calls simultaneously.

How to set up Call Queue in Salesmsg

To set up Call Queue, navigate to Settings > Inboxes and select the Inbox you want to enable Call Queue for. Choose the "Calling" tab in the Inbox settings and scroll down to the "Call Queue" section.

After toggling the switch to the "On" position, you can set up the following options:

  • Greeting Message: An audio file that plays first, usually containing a greeting and other relevant information about the company.

  • Greeting Music: Music that plays after the greeting message ends.

  • Enable Call Queue After Hours: If enabled, it will force calls to go into the queue during business hours and after-hours.

These two files will play on repeat until a call is taken from the queue, the caller hangs up, or 30 minutes of waiting elapse. When 30 minutes have passed, contact will be dropped from the queue and missed calls will be recorded in the timeline.

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