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With Salesmsg, you can integrate and automate your outbound text messages to your contacts using ActiveCampaigns Automation campaigns.

First, if you have not yet connected your ActiveCampaign account to Salesmsg, you can learn how to do that in this article Integrating ActiveCampaign with Salesmsg.

Step 1: Create a Salesmsg account to integrate into ActiveCampaign.

Step 2: Navigate to the Settings > Integrations page to connect your ActiveCampaign account.

Step 3: Create Your Text Message Trigger

Triggers are your text messages that you want to send to your contacts. You will be creating your text messages as Triggers and using Webhooks insert them into your Automation campaign.

To start, head over to Triggers and click New Trigger.

Creating Your Text Messages with Salesmsg Triggers

Triggers will enable you to create your text messages to then trigger them from your Automation campaigns. So first, let's setup a Salesmsg Trigger.

1. Go to Triggers

2. Next, click Add Trigger

3. Give your trigger a Name (only you will see this)

4. Select ActiveCampaign as the integration

5. Select the Send From Phone Number 

This is the Salesmsg member and phone number that the text messages will come from and the recipient will receive.

6. Type in your SMS Text Message

This is where you will type in your text message and where you can insert merge fields into the texts. To merge in fields, just click the + button to the left and you'll see the list of fields available to merge.

7. Once you're done, click Add Trigger

8. And finally, copy the Webhook URL 

How to Add Your Salesmsg Trigger to Your Automation Campaign

Now that you've created your Salesmsg Trigger and copied your Trigger URL, let's hop over to your ActiveCampaign account to add this to your Automation campaign.

1. Go to your Automation campaign

2. On the right side, click on Conditions and Triggers

3. At the bottom, you'll see Webhook

4. Now drag this Webhook box over to where you want this to run in your campaign

5. Paste in your Salesmsg Webhook URL

6. Press Save and you're good to go!

Your contacts will start receiving text messages from your Salesmsg number and you'll be able to send and receive your texts in real-time right from your chat interface.


I'm not receiving the text messages when I test my campaign?

Be sure to check that you've selected the correct ActiveCampaign phone field in your Salesmsg Trigger. If the contact you are testing does not have a phone number then it will not work. 

How do I ensure that my recipients only receive my texts during regular business hours?

From ActiveCampaign, you'll want to setup a Wait Condition before the text message is sent to the contact. Here is an example of between the hours 9am - 6pm (American/Chicago) time.

To reach our support team, please email [email protected].

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