How to Add and Remove Members

How to add, remove, or replace an existing member from your account.

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Adding a member

To invite members to your account, go to your Settings > Members to send an email invite. You can invite multiple members at once.

Members who are registered will appear under the "Active" tab on the Members page and users who haven't confirmed their accounts will appear under the "Pending" tab. You can also edit, resend or revoke an invite from the pending tab.

Removing a member

If you're on a paid subscription, you've paid for a user seat for the term of your subscription.

Go to your Settings > Members and locate the member you want to remove. On the right side of your member's name, you'll find more options. Click on more options to Delete Member.

After you select delete member, you'll be prompted to confirm the member removal and reassign any previous conversations and contacts to yourself or another member on your team.

The prompt "Remove Member" prompt will also ask you if you would like to retain or remove the members seat, if you select "remove seat" this permanently adjusts your subscription for one less paid seat.
Selecting "keep seat" allows you to replace your member with a new one with out occurring any unnecessary charges.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change a member's email address?

If you're the admin of the account and you're looking to replace a member seat, contact our support team to assist you in updating the new member's email address.

What if I have an annual plan and already paid for a user seat up front?

Regardless of what plan you're on when you add a member you've permanently added a "seat" for any member of your Organization. When you remove a member, you'll select if you want to also remove the seat. If you keep the Seat, you can replace that member with a new one for no additional charge.

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