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Pending Salesmsg Invitation Requests
Pending Salesmsg Invitation Requests

Not sure what to do with a new pending request?

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Your employees want to do more! They show it by requesting access to Salesmsg. Once you integrate Salesmsg with your CRM your members will see Salesmsg in some capacity. Occasionally they may come across a call to action to "request access" when they select request access a new pending invite will be on your Salesmsg member's page!


Currently, these calls to action only exist in HubSpot but they will soon be seen across all our integration partners. When a Salesmsg member selects "request access" here's what you'll see.

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Now what

  1. Remember there is a $10/mo (if you pay your subscription monthly) or $100/yr fee (if you pay your subscription annually) to add your member.

  2. Select the blue "Approve" button if you wish to add this user to Salesmsg.

  3. If you would like to deny this request open the vertical ellipsis menu and select "revoke invite"

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As for your would-be member...

If you have users in your CRM who don't have Salesmsg accounts they'll see something like this when trying to access a Salesmsg feature. (HubSpot example)

Screenshot on 2021-08-11 at 16-30-03.png

Here is where the user without a Salesmsg account can request to become a Salesmsg member with the Salesmsg Organization you integrated with your CRM! When the request has been successfully sent they'll be notified right after selecting the "request access" button.

Screenshot on 2021-08-11 at 16-30-40.png

Once they are approved, they'll receive a registration email from Salesmg! They'll create an account, set their personal information and a password then if they already have a number it will be assigned if they want a Salesmsg provided number they can select it from our number picking prompt!

Frequently Asked Questions

My member already has a number, but can't access Salesmsg because they're being asked to pick a number.

If your member would like to get started on things as soon as possible, they should select a temporary local phone number from the number picking prompt. Numbers can always be updated later.

What if I don't need to add a new member, but replace an existing one with a new user?

If you're not going to permanently change the total number of Salesmsg members don't add or delete any members. Instead to replace access the user's member account and edit the email to the new user's email and have the new user perform a password recovery. If you can't access your member's account our support team can help you replace members.

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