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Salesmsg for Franchises Using HubSpot
Salesmsg for Franchises Using HubSpot
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Franchise businesses relying on HubSpot can now supercharge their sales, marketing and support operations with effective business text messaging and calling capabilities through Salesmsg.

Step 1: Integrate to Hubspot

Once you have signed up for Salesmsg, the first step is to integrate to your main HubSpot account. You can follow this detailed guide that would walk you through a step by step process to integrate to your HubSpot account.

Franchisees as Teams in HubSpot

If you manage HubSpot centrally for all your franchise owners, then you are likely taking advantage of HubSpot's Teams feature.

No matter how complex and nested your team (franchisee) structure in HubSpot is, you can easily map it to Salesmsg as you start inviting your franchise owners to the platform.

Step 2: Invite Your First Franchisee to Salesmsg

To start inviting your first franchisee to Salesmsg, simply navigate to the Organizations section of Salesmsg and click on Create Organization.

Select HubSpot integration and pick the HubSpot team you want to map that Salesmsg organization.

Flexible Payment Options

As you onboard your franchisees to Salesmsg, you have a lot of flexibility on subscription plans and billing settings as follows:

  • Standard vs. Custom Plan: you can either pick one of the standard Salesmsg plans or work with our team craft a custom plan for all your franchisees. Custom plans are a great way to take advantage of volume discounts.

  • Pay Now vs. Pay Upon Sign up: use Pay Now if you manage marketing spend centrally for all your franchisees. Otherwise you can pass through the subscription cost to your franchise owners with the Pay Upon Sign Up option.

Once invited, your franchise owners will be able to pick a phone number and start using Salesmsg with HubSpot.

Step 3: Create a Template Organization

One of the powerful features you can take advantage of, is the ability to assume child accounts.

This is a great way to create a template organization before onboarding all your franchise owners. In this template organization you can create Saved Replies, Keywords, Broadcasts, Triggers that maintain the voice of your brand and share them with all your franchise owners.

This also a great way to ensure that your franchisees are using Salesmsg to its fullest capacity once onboarded onto the platform.

For your convenience, we have added the ability to sort the columns of the organizations table. To sort the table, simply click on the column header.

Step 4: Clone & Map Organizations to HubSpot Teams

To quickly onboard your franchise owners to Salesmsg, you can take advantage of the Clone organizations feature.

From there, you can quickly map newly created organizations to HubSpot teams.

Step 5: Leverage Salesmsg Within HubSpot

We have invested a lot of time and effort to build one of the best texting & calling extensions for HubSpot.

Get the most out of Salesmsg with these awesome features, purpose built for HubSpot users:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can different franchise owners be on a different Salesmsg plans based on usage?

Yes. As you onboard your franchisees to Salesmsg, you can pick a different plan every time you create an organization.

My franchise owners manage their marketing budget. Can I pass through the subscription costs to the franchisees?

Yes. Simply select the Pay Upon Signup option when you create organizations and your franchise owners will be asked to add a credit card when they setup their account.

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