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Text-to-Join Keywords, one of the most requested Salesmsg features, is finally here and it is awesome.

Take advantage of Keywords today to:

πŸ“’ Capture more high quality leads and grow your pipeline
🎯 Build actionable lists & segments based on your customers' interests
πŸ’Œ Personalize your campaigns to drive better results

How it Works

Keywords are very easy to set up and manage.

Step 1: Create a New Keyword

To create a new Keyword click on the Keywords icon on the left side menu, the on the green "Create Keywords" button.

Step 2: Configuring your Keyword

Complete the Keyword creation form to set up your Keyword.




The Keyword Name is included for visibility and analytical purposes. It is visible exclusively to Salesmsg users and remains hidden from your contacts.


The actual Keyword you would like your users to text in. It is best to keep it simple and short to avoid user typos.

Auto-reply message

The auto-reply message you want your leads to receive once they text in the Keyword.

Phone Number

One or more numbers you want to enable the Keyword on.


The Tag you wish to apply on the contacts that text in the Keyword for easier segmentation.

If you'd like the Keyword immediately active, toggle the "Active" switch from off to on. (You can also do this after your Keyword is set up, on the Keywords page)

Once your keyword is made, you can edit it, clone it, delete it, and view more detailed analytics from this menu.

Step 3: Manage Your Keywords & Results

For the Keywords dashboard page you can search your keywords, filter by active and inactive and deactivate your keywords.

For further analysis, you can click on any Keyword to view the performance stats along with all the contacts that sent in the Keyword, their subscription status and Salesmsg number you are using for this Keyword.

Sending media

It is also possible to attach images, videos, gifs, documents or audio files to your auto-reply messages. Click a πŸ“Ž button and you'll see a media library where you can choose, upload or even register your media files.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Keywords can I set up?

As many as you like.

What is the best way to review the contacts who have subscribed?

The Keyword Analytics page will display the whole list of subscribers.

Are there Keywords that I should not use?

Yes, to avoid any unexpected behaviour, do not use the following Keywords:



  • HELP and INFO

Can I enable a Keyword on multiple numbers?

Yes, you an have multiple numbers associated with one Keyword.

Can I use one number for multiple Keywords?

Yes, you can use one number with multiple Keywords.

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