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Register for an Agency Portal and offer texting as a solution to your franchisees.

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Sign up for a Franchise or Agency account to invite new Salesmsg users and manage their account and texting communications through your Agency portal.

Unlock a new level of control and manage your entire Franchise business with ease, all through the power of texting!

Getting Started

Contact our support team to start an Agency account. [email protected]. Once you're set-up, you'll be able to invite other clients to sign up for their Salesmsg accounts.

Inviting Clients to Your Agency Account

  1. Log into your Account

  2. Create an Organization

  3. Enter an admin's email address and choose your HubSpot team to attach a new organization. You can either create an organization from scratch or clone the existing parameters of the parent account.

  4. Select a standard Salesmsg subscription or contact our team to choose a custom one

  5. Your franchisee will receive an invite to activate their account and once the account has been created, the agency can then manage the admin settings, integrations, webhook triggers, and send texts on their behalf.

    All franchisees are consolidated into a single view where they can be easily managed. You will be able to see the 10DLC status for each of your clients, as well as their billing status and available credits. In this same view, you can follow up on pending invites.

Assuming a client's account

To access one of your organisation's accounts from your Agency portal, locate the client account you wish to access and select Assume Organization. You'll have access to:

  • Setting up their Integrations

  • Account Settings

  • 2-way texting

  • Broadcasts

  • Billing

Stop Assuming a client's account

To exit your client accounts, simply click on Stop Assuming and you will be directed back to your Agency Portal.

Setting up child accounts

Follow the article collection below to set up a Salesmsg account with local phone numbers, add team members, set up Auto-Recharge, Integrations, and more.

Flexible Payment Methods

Additionally, Salesmsg Agency Owners have the flexibility to select their organizations desired subscription model and either pay for the franchisee's accounts on their behalf or have them pay for Salesmsg themselves upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesmsg offer White Label accounts?

Even though you can personalize your dashboard, White Labeling is not something we do at this time. One with Developer resources may be interested in the Salesmsg Public API.

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