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Sign up for an Agency account to invite new Salesmsg users and manage their account and texting communications through your Agency portal.

Getting Started

  1. Register for an Agency account
  2. Invite new clients to Salesmsg
  3. Select a subscription plan for your client
  4. Once your client completes the sign-up progress, you'll be able to access their dashboard, manage their account, and send texts on their behalf.

Assuming a client's account

To access one of your client's accounts from your Agency portal, locate the client account you wish to access and select Assume Client. You'll have access to:

  • Setting up their Integrations
  • Account Settings
  • 2-way texting
  • Broadcasts
  • Billing

Stop Assuming a client's account

To exit your client accounts, simply click on Stop Assuming and you will be directed back to your Agency Portal.

Setting up client accounts

Follow the article collection below to set up a Salesmsg account with local phone numbers, add team members, set up Auto-Recharge, Integrations and more.

Choosing a Number

Adding/Removing Members

Adding Additional Inbox Numbers

Configure Auto-Recharge

Configure Integrations

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Salesmsg offer White Label accounts?

Though you can personalize your dashboard, White Labeling is not something we offer at this time.

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