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Send As: Error Getting Options in HubSpot Send SMS Workflow Action
Send As: Error Getting Options in HubSpot Send SMS Workflow Action

What to do if you get “Error getting options” under the Send As field in the Salesmsg: Send SMS, HubSpot workflow action.

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When you create a Salesmsg: Send SMS action, occasionally you may observe the Send As drop-down field return with the error, "Error getting options". Luckily this helpful article will tell you how to restore those missing options...

In the Salesmsg dashboard, review the integrations page:

  1. Go to Settings (located on the bottom left of the dashboard)

  2. Click on Integrations

  3. Verify the connection status of the HubSpot integration

After reconnecting, check the Send As, drop-down field

The options should now be restored in the HubSpot workflow action for send Salesmsg SMS.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I’m connected but my options are still missing?
If you’re using a Salesmsg member account, your Salesmsg Organization Owner will also need to verify their connected status. Should your Organization Owner be disconnected but the member account is connected, the member will still receive “error getting options”.

What if all the Salesmsg accounts are integrated with their respective HubSpot accounts but we’re still receiving the error message?
Instruct all users to disconnect from HubSpot. Have the Salesmsg Organization Owner reconnect their integration and check the "send as" option in the HubSpot workflow Salesmsg action. Should the error persist, please reach out to our Salesmsg Support team.

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