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Schedule Meetings On Your Calendar
Schedule Meetings On Your Calendar

Schedule your next meeting with your contact from Salesmsg

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Quickly book your next meeting coordinated on Salesmsg over SMS using our Book Appointment link!


While in flow texting your contact on Salesmsg you and that contact agree to meet for a call or conference. At that moment is the best time to add that to your calendar, do so in a flash by selecting "Book appointment" on the contact card.


Next Steps

  1. This link takes you right to the event creation modal! πŸŽ‰

  2. Set a desired date and time for the meeting. (keep your contacts timezone in mind!)

  3. Set a location or video conference URL

  4. Add guest & save!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my contact automatically sent an invite email?

In most circumstances yes, but not because of Salesmsg. Review your calendar event settings to ensure the contacts you add are sent invitations.

Can I text my contacts appointment reminders?

Yes! Using HubSpot you can even do it automatically. Without automation, you can still manually schedule a message to your contact to remind them at your desired time over SMS when the meeting is to take place.

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