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HubSpot Automated Meeting Confirmations & Reminders
HubSpot Automated Meeting Confirmations & Reminders

When a contact books a meeting with you, let Salesmsg & HubSpot handle the rest.

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Want to do more with less time? Of course! Let's explore how to engage with your contacts over SMS once they've booked a meeting with you. Not only that, but give them a simple way to cancel a meeting they won't be able to keep.

HubSpot Meeting

Our first step will be to create our HubSpot meeting. In this article we'll go over the highlights but if you want to learn all there is to know regarding HubSpot meetings tool check out HubSpots article linked here

Open Sales & Select "Meetings"

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Either edit an existing meeting link you're not using or create new with the orange button in the right hand corner.

The first page is called "overview" and it's full of functionality.

  • Provide an internal name for this meeting (this is what the meeting is called, inside your HubSpot account)

  • Configure which HubSpot user is the meetings "Organizer"

  • Title the meeting (this is what the meeting is called on your contacts calendar)

  • Add Location (a physical address or a virtual conference room)

  • Add a meeting description

  • Add links to the meeting description to reschedule or cancel the meeting.

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Next is the Scheduling page.

This page has 3 tabs we'll want to review. Schedule, Form, and Confirmation. Let's start by reviewing the "Schedule" tab.

  • Title the Scheduling modal

  • Include meeting duration options (i.e. 15 minutes, 30 minutes etc.)

  • Select your timezone

  • Configure your daily availability window

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The "Form" tab
On this page our contact will confirm their information. You can change what fields are available and required. You can also enforce ReCaptcha validation and include disclaimers for GDPR compliance.

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The "Automation" tab. On this page we can set up some email reminders, while mine are set to "on" they are option and won't be as effective as the SMS reminder we set up.

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Workflow & SMS Set-up

Use a Contact-Based workflow, and select "blank workflow"

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Set the Enrollment Trigger: Form Submission -> your meeting

Screenshot on 2022-02-10 at 14-05-23.png
Screen Capture on 2022-02-10 at 16-15-34.gif

Set up your Salesmsg message action for the confirmation SMS, if you've never set up a Salesmsg message action before check out this article on HubSpot workflow Salesmsg actions. Use more if/then logic to check for keywords like "Cancel".

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If/then branch: We will validate that its meeting day, or if the contact canceled via SMS. Since we use the HubSpot property "date of last meeting booked" if your contact reschedules they won't be reminded until the day of the new, rescheduled meeting. Should a user cancel, we can't revoke the event from your calendar but we can alert you in multiple ways.


Screenshot on 2023-06-01 at 10-46-56.png

We have two branches for each possible outcome.

Branch 1 - Meeting on track

This is when our contact is going to our attend our meeting. We're waiting until 9am in their timezone on meeting day and then we're going to text them a reminder.

Branch 2- Meeting Canceled

This is when our user cancels, we'll send them a message acknowledging the cancellation and send yourself a in-app HubSpot notification with the details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I send the reminder text an hour before the meeting?

HubSpot workflows has a limitation in regards to checking the meeting time. Since we can't leverage the Meeting Time we use Date of last meeting booked instead combined with a delay step.

What if my contact reschedules or cancels multiple times

This workflow is intended to book one meeting. If a user cancels with via texting in "cancel" should they enroll in the workflow again they would continue to validate down the "cancel" branch.

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