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Expand or constrict what your Salesmsg members can do in Salesmsg with User Permissions. Not every member of your organization should have the same level of access as their administrator but one person should not have to do it all. Delegate easily by setting roles for your users that fit their responsibilities.

User roles


This role is for people who need similar access as the account owner. This role can see and manage almost everything.


This role is for people who need to manage members, tags, inboxes, organization setting, and view analytics.


This role is for people who need to send and receive messages, create broadcasts & triggers manage tags and calls.


This role is for people who need to view messages, broadcasts, and some settings but cannot edit them.

Set a role for a member

  1. Open your profile and select settings

  2. Navigate to Members

  3. Reference what role your member has in the center column

Screenshot on 2021-11-29 at 16-23-10.png

Change your user's role

This will change what areas of the app your member can access and preferences they can change.

  1. Open the ellipsis menu button

  2. Select "change role"

  3. Select the role that fits your member best and change role!

Screen Capture on 2021-11-29 at 16-40-55.gif

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost anything to change my member's role?

Only if they are going from "view only" to a higher permission

Can I make any user the "Owner" role?

The "admin" role is the closest a member can be to an "owner". As the Owner, you can request that you exchange your Owner role with another member but there can only be one Owner.

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