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Trusted Calling: STIR/SHAKEN & CNAM
Trusted Calling: STIR/SHAKEN & CNAM

Learn how to get your calls verified and delivered with Trusted Calling.

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Do your outbound calls suffer from "Scam Likely-itis?" (the horror!)

This happens when the carriers don't recognize your phone number and flag it to protect the consumer from suspicious calls.

It's not that you're a bad person or a bad company, it's just that you haven't properly registered and whitelisted your business with the carriers.

Now, with our new Trusted Calling feature you can register your business and phone numbers with STIR/SHAKEN and CNAM you'll be able to:

🚫 Eliminate "Scam Likely" caller ID's

☎️ Boost the answer rates of your calls

😎 Brand your calls with your company's name

Voice Compliance

Voice Compliance features include:

  • Voice Integrity: share your brand and contact details with carriers to reduce the risk of being marked as spam

  • STIR/SHAKEN: increase the answer rates of your calls and eliminate “Spam Likely” blackouts.

  • CNAM Caller ID: add a caller ID that represents your business to build an instant connection with customers

Enabling Voice Compliance

Step 1: Complete your Business Profile (FREE!)

We added a unified Business Profile section so that you can enter the information carriers need once, then it will be reused across all the compliance features Salesmsg offers.

Once your Business Profile is approved, you can proceed to step 2, and upgrade to take advantage of the Voice Compliance features

Step 2: Upgrade to add Voice Compliance features

To gain access to Voice Compliance, you'll need to purchase the Trusted Calling add-on for $10/mo. After this you can choose to enable one or several of the three options: Voice Integrity, CNAM and STIR/SHAKEN.

Voice Integrity

Voice Integrity provides a straightforward method for disclosing your brand information and the numbers you use to major US carriers. This approach can lower the likelihood of your calls being identified as spam on your customers' devices.

How to Register for Voice Integrity

Head over to the Organization Settings > Compliance section and scroll down to Calling Compliance section. If you have already purchased the Trusted Calling add on you are good to go. Click "Setup" on the Voice Integrity line and follow the instructions on screen.

You will need to provide the following information:

  • Use case: The purpose behind calling your customers.

  • Company size: The total employee count within your business.

  • Average daily calls: Your estimated volume of calls per day.

  • Notes: Any extra information about your use case.

Salesmsg will automatically include all eligible current and future phone numbers from your account in your Voice Integrity package.


STIR/SHAKEN was created to help mitigate robocalls and gives your company the ability to become a verified caller for your numbers.

With Salesmsg, you can register your Company and the phone numbers to ensure any outgoing phone calls get better deliverability.

How to Register for STIR/SHAKEN

To setup STIR/SHAKEN, head over to the Organization Settings > Compliance section and first create your Business profile.


Attestation Level


Full or “A”

The highest attestation given by the originating service provider to indicate that the caller is known and has the right to use the phone number as the caller ID

Partial or “B”

The customer is known, it is unknown if they have the right to use the caller ID being used

Gateway or “C”

It doesn't meet the requirements of A or B including international calls.


Brand your outgoing calls with your company name using our verified Caller ID (CNAM) service.

CNAME stands for Caller ID and gives you the ability to set your Brand or Company name in the Caller ID when making an outbound phone call.

How to Register Numbers for CNAM

To setup STIR/SHAKEN, head over to the Organization Settings > Compliance section and after creating your Business Profile, you can create your CNAM profiles.

You'll be able to create multiple CNAM profiles that you can assign phone numbers to.

If you have multiple regions or business units and you want a unique caller ID for each, you can add multiple CNAMs with one or more numbers under each one.


Is there a fee for adding Calling Compliance?

Yes, it is $10 a month

How long does it take for my caller ID to show up?

2-5 business days as our service provider needs to ensure companies do not use inappropriate caller IDs. If takes longer than that, please reach out to our team form support.

I cant access Voice Compliance products due to an incomplete Business Profile, Why?

Your business profile needs to be completed and approved before you can add Voice Compliance products. If you are having issues with the required information, please contact [email protected]

Can I put multiple numbers under the same Caller ID?

Yes, with no extra charge beyond the flat monthly fee.

Can I have multiple Caller IDs?

Yes, with no extra charge beyond the flat monthly fee

*Please note a CNAM display name only appears on devices if enabled by the subscriber and is dependent on the terminating carrier to display the proper registered CNAM.

For landlines, CNAM is always enabled by default.

For mobile devices most commonly, US Carriers require the subscriber to opt-in. If the recipient does not have the CNAM feature or app enabled on their phone no CNAM will display even if a CNAM is properly set for number.

A specific carrier may have outdated CNAM information. For the CNAM to be displayed accurately, the recipient’s carrier must query the CNAM databases (LIDB) and update their records. If a carrier has not recently performed a query it may cause the recipient to see outdated CNAM information for the number.

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