A verified toll free line is a means to validate a toll-free phone number for your contacts cellular carrier networks. It is a necessary compliance regulation to submit information on behalf of your organization.

Filling out your Business Profile

If you've registered your local area code numbers for A2P 10DLC or Shaken/Stir then you have already submitted information to register your Salesmsg Business Profile.

If not, that's okay. Select the "here" button in the message on your Conversations page.

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Selecting "here" if will open a prompt that will ask you to fill out your business profile if you've not already done so.

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*Note that if you're not added to the inbox you won't see this message on the Conversations page. Instead go to Settings -> Organization Settings -> Compliance to submit the necessary information*

Your Business Profile will go under review by our up-stream network colleagues and the status will update automatically. You can only proceed with verifying your toll free number after your Business Profile is approved. Reference the status of you Business Profile from the "Compliance" tab.

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Toll-Free Number Use Case

Now that your Business Profile is approved, select the same "here" button from last time.

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Select a current use case or use the button on the right to proclaim a new one and select next.

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Name your profile so you can recall it later, and provide an estimate of this numbers message volume and select next.

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Select one of the approved use cases for Toll-free numbers and either use our description or provide your own.

Use a precomposed sample message or provide two sample messages of your own. Some use cases may not have sample use case descriptions or sample messages. Now submit by selecting save.

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Proclaim the method(s) used that was used to gain opt-in SMS consent from your contacts. Select next and you'll be prompted to create another profile, if your done close the pop-up modal.

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Review your submitted toll free profile from your Organization Settings -> Compliance page.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a verified toll free number to be verified?

It can take 2-3 weeks at this time.

How many phone toll free numbers can I have per use case?

In most circumstances just one, reach out to our team to explore your options.

How can I check if I have any unverified lines?

Navigate to your Salesmsg settings, then to your numbers page. A column will on this page of numbers will indicate if the line needs to be verified like so:

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Start the verification process by opening the menu and selecting "verify"

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