A verified toll free line, is a means to validate a toll-free phone numbers traffic without 10DLC registration (which is only for 10 digit local area code numbers). This option is strictly for toll-free numbers but is effective for mitigating carrier violation problems.

Gather Information

  1. Either buy a toll-free number from us or bring your own.

  2. Gather your business information

    1. Business Name

    2. Business Registered Address

    3. Business Contact details

    4. The toll-free phone number you'd like verified

  3. Gather the information for your business texting activities

    1. Summarize the use case

    2. Describe how contacts Opt-in to receive your text messages

    3. Will your message be advertising or promoting a commercial product or service

    4. Has this traffic previously existed on another service?

    5. Sample Message

    6. Previous numbers for this traffic

    7. Website URL

    8. Call to Actions (in your toll free numbers business text messages. I.e URL's or other Phone Numbers)

    9. Estimated Monthly SMS Volume.

Start the application

Linked is the application, download it from Google Docs by selecting "File", and then "Download".

Once your application is complete, submit it to [email protected] or to an agent on our chat tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this required for all Toll-Free numbers?

It is required for all Toll-Free numbers.

How long does it take to get verified?

Most lines are verified in 24-48 hours.

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